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grubs mystery green to' - triffid

Postby gardenlen » Mon May 11, 2015 4:14 am

g'day all,

ok we had some seeds given us, did some research so we knew something of how to tell when a green tomato is ripe, but all ok there gave some seedling to neighbour over back she said great tasting tom'

yep they are if anything a little more susceptible to fruit fly and a little stem end rot

anyhow the plants are still growing, and growing and growing, setting fruit which this time of year is safe from the fly but will mature slowly.

but the plant or should i say vines growing like growth is going out of fashion, i was working with one plant yesterday and some of the laterals are over 2 meters long, fruit gets to my hand size well large, but even now all plants growing more and more laterals, each plant has horizontal cover of app' 3meters, we grow them along edge of garden on rope or wires, the foliage depth is good to hide green fruit from kingies they only eat green tom's.

so the past growing season was not good for us with tom's about the 1st bad year we've had, but looks like coming season will be better, got some other seeds and those plants are growing rapidly as well, also our pumpkin vines started to die back for the winter but now they like triffids as well new laterals growth near on at least 2 foot a day and fruiting.

good rain season this year only down side had to mow every 2 weeks like living in the 'burb's

anyhow hope all are enjoying good seasons and seasons to come, grow while we can

take care
With peace and brightest of blessings,


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