Sick Mandarine Tree

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Sick Mandarine Tree

Postby beccam77 » Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:30 pm

Hi All
I have a mandarine tree that is a couple of years old.
Over the last few months its lost most of its leaves and now looks rather stickish. :cry: I've checked it regularly for any kind of pest but couldn't find any on it.
Any idea's on what it could be & how to fix?
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Postby Ann » Sun Jul 02, 2006 2:45 pm

First check your pH. Easy done with a cheap kit. :D We have alkaline sands in the west but mandarine trees can take a while to establish anyway. I had to move mineand it's OK but not great. They don't like too much wind, so the screaming easterlies are a problem in summer. Is it still alive :?: If the pH is 8+( mine turned out to be 9.5 :cry: :cry: ) horse manure, well aged, is the best for reducing it, or cow manure next best, not chicken manure. If you need to move it, see if you can get some loamy sand-I got some here from Readymix- and use plenty of good potting soil, compost and manure all well mixed in the hole before you move it along with water saving crystals. ABC 720 Sat 9am Bricks and Roses is something I never miss and you can ring or email Sabrina.
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