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Grape advice

Postby rapapa » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:34 am

Hello All,
I want to plant a couple of grape vines and wanted some basic advice please. Firstly I want to grow them to a wire support about 2metres tall. Is that too high? Secondly what is the best soil type/mix if I want to give them the best start. Thirdly any suggestions on varieties. I wanted one red and one white table variety, preferably seedless. Lastly, is there a problem planting two different varieties over the same wire support?
Thanks in advance
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Postby cordelia » Tue Aug 08, 2006 11:01 pm

I don't know what is considered the best soil for grapes, but the ones I have grown and seen growing well are in clayey soil with a bit of compost. There is nothing wrong with growing them on the same support (or not that I have ever heard of!) :D

Re is worth finding out when fruiting occurs in your local area (where are you?), and make sure that it doesn't all happen when you are on your annual holiday or that the flowering won't be when lots of rain or frost or something happens. Do you have a local nursery?

You might want to consider whether to aim to have the fruiting at the same time, or at different times. It might be worth getting varieties that are resistant to fungal and other diseases, but beware that some of the newer varieties are not very nice....thet have been bred to cope with early picking and long keeping, so they never really seem ripe with a developed flavour.

For future reference, when you have your vines, if they ever get mildewy, a spray of Seasol can help may not need horrid chemicals. Best to keep them well aired... 8)
Best of luck!
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