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Postby Luzy » Sun Nov 27, 2005 4:57 pm

I agreee with you, Ben, about the 'if it doesn't work get it out of there' scenario but it's SO HARD to actually do that :cry:

Our apple tree is in that boat this year - last year we gave it a huge haircut (it was a massacre, actually) as the young fruit was out of reach and seemed to attract every hungry blackbird on this side of town before the fruit matured enough to bring the fruit within reach. It's setting fruit now (hooray!) but we'll have to see how the codling moth goes - got any good remedies? I've cleaned up the bark (and around the fence) in an attempt to get rid of the grubs (moths?). There are a few apple trees close by - including one that has one of those fancy (and pricey) traps hanging off it along with mummified fruit on the tree and a mulch of old fruit underneath... :?

It's probably too late too do something more about the codling moth - guess the tree gets a reprieve for another season... 8)
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