Pot plants on mulch

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Pot plants on mulch

Postby Getafix » Wed Jun 23, 2010 10:47 pm

I've had problems in the past with pot plants, where weeds or grass grow up through the bottom of the pot, or grow up between them where it is difficult to mow or trim, or if the ground is uneven, it can be difficult to get the pot level. Well here is a method i recently used to get around some of these issues, that others might find helpful.

I started by ripping up as much of the grass and weeds as i could in the area i wanted the pots to go. I then laid down a very thick layer of newspaper, followed by a thick layer of eucalyptus mulch, as i wanted something that would hang around for a little while, look OK, and could also be walked on with bare feet:


Now, in order to give the pots a stable and level base, as well as an extra barrier against weeds, i used some tiles that i bought for less than $1 each, and then to elevate the pots off the tiles, to assist drainage, i used some "Pot Toes":


Then i just threw some more of the eucalyptus mulch over the visible bits of tiles, to pretty it up a bit:


So the result is an attractive but effective weed and grass barrier, a stable and level base, but with good drainage maintained by elevation off the tiles.
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Re: Pot plants on mulch

Postby The Estate » Thu Jun 24, 2010 7:59 am

good ideas there, I use old pavers I find at work for lots of things, if you have an angle grinder, cut into 4 triangles and they make great feet for pot plants (Y)
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