Using Rocks In The Garden.

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Using Rocks In The Garden.

Postby gardenpete » Tue Aug 16, 2011 10:13 pm

Hi , my name is Peter Thomas and I consider myself an expert at using rocks in the garden and wish to share both my experience and approach with other keen gardeners. Even though my business is my lively hood my passion which I have maintained since being a young boy has been gardening.In my opinion rocks form the skeleton or frame which a garden is built upon. We would use rocks in some function in every landscaping design that we construct.Rocks are either block like ie flat faced or irregular in shape with both characteristics useful in either formal or rustic situations.If your garden is going to have a formal look that is straight lines and mass regular plantings then your rock selection should follow suite. For example one of the many styles of rock retaining walls we construct is in what is known as " ashlar bond" which we use for the more formal garden design. Ashlar bond is a combination of square and rectangle shapes so the rock must already have a block like shape.Because rock with these characteristics is rarer or has to be specially selected from a quarry source you will have to pay a premium price.Sandstone and basalt have the layered block shapes that are required for this style of wall. If feature rocks are required along side an ashlar bond wall then you should choose block like rocks with a jagged edge being of the same type of rock that you have used in the wall.In an informal garden the walls and feature rocks can have more irregularity about them.These points about rock selection are relative to both mortared and dry stack walls. A trick we have found is to grade the rocks when they are delivered on site into wall rocks or garden feature rocks. Of course rocks will vary in size and weight so that will play a role in how you divide them.Safety and back management are important issues that we take seriously to the point that we also class rocks into those that one or two persons can lift up to those that need machine lifting.When placing feature rocks it is important to make them look like they have been there for ever in other words very natural.A helpful trick we have found is to back fill the rock with soil blending it into the natural contours of the land in which it is being placed.Also if a rock has an obvious weathered side then it should be the one that is exposed.In a Japanese style garden then a rock that resembles a mountain or volcano can be used even standing up right which is very effective.Well I hope my experience has given you some useful tips in using rocks in the garden.
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Re: Using Rocks In The Garden.

Postby grevs1 » Wed Aug 17, 2011 8:02 am

thank you very much for your tips !.... (Y) :)
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Re: Using Rocks In The Garden.

Postby longway2go » Thu Dec 15, 2011 8:55 am

we are about to do small walls around our gardens - very simply piling the rocks in front of the bed about 30 od cms maybe a bit higher just to keep the dirt in as a drain will be gong in front of the bed... do u have any photos of this type of thing?
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