planting up a backyard pond

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planting up a backyard pond

Postby andi » Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:53 am

Hi Guys
I'm about to build a pond for frog habitat, about 3m by 2m, with heavy duty pond liner. I've sourced a good selection of native aquatic and marginal plants from Kuranga in Mt Evelyn. I'm wondering though about method of planting. The advice at the nusery is to plant into coarse sand over the liner but I'm concerned that 1. they will get too big and 2. the root system could go through the liner(?) If I keep the marginals in pots will they still grow well? Should they start in a pot size for the eventual spread I'm after or would I be better repotting in stages and if so how frequently? Thanks for any advice.
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Re: planting up a backyard pond

Postby brill » Sun Aug 02, 2009 1:03 pm

I'd be inclined to plant in pots because they are easy to remove if and when you need to clean. Use one of those tubs used for washing up when camping (don't know what they are called) Cover the top with about an 2cm of course grade sand then pebbles on that. Use ordinary garden soil and wrap slow release fertiliser in a bit a newspaper (couple of small bundles) to put in the soil. You can buy fert specifically for water plants, don't know how they work or effective they are.
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