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Re: My garden.

PostPosted: Sat Apr 01, 2017 6:53 pm
by Ceciele
dalelesley wrote:
Well have tracked down the name of my little mystery plant. It is a rear one so I consider myself most fortunate to have it. It is called TROPAELUM TRICOLOR. It is tuberous perennial Nasturtium from Chile and Bolivia. It grows to around 4-6 feet tall but can grow to 9ft. It has Psychedelic blooms in vivid scarlet, yellow and blue flowers which float like a school of tropical fish. Flowers throughout winter when most other plants are dormant or colourless. It's a cool climate plant and the flowers tend to all face the same way giving the impression they are all swimming together. They have long lasting blooms and in spring when the flowers are done the tuber goes dormant till the following autumn.

I love how the purple blends into the deep orange. Beautiful!