Kierans Carniverous log

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Kierans Carniverous log

Postby Kieran F » Thu Sep 17, 2015 3:42 pm

I mentioned a while ago in another thread that i was into carnivorous plants, and right now is about the start of the season, atleast for VFT's, so i'd like to start a new garden log with photos of whats going on in the garden

feel free to ask me questions if you'd also like to get into this
i'll start off with my first VFT divisions of the season.

this was my largest plant... mostly bare rooted, one seasons growth, and there was ALOT of growth, i took this photo to show the rhizome/s, and how large the clump had gotten
the next photos are rather large, so i'll post them as links instead of directly, for your convinience

so that one plants large clump was divided into, i think 14 adult plants, and one baby plant, here are most of them
and this one seemed to recover the fastest... note the bright red color sompared to the others in first photo
and i also split a b52 cultivar plant (has large traps when it's actively growing) into 3 adult plants ( the ones in black pots on the left)
the one in the small white pot on the left is from a stalk cutting i took last year, and the one on the right is from a division of the large typical plant the first picture has, also taken last year.

also divided a smaller... very sick looking plant also.. it was still in the small pot from a hardware store, it's a sharktooth cultivar... traits are, it has long upright petioles (i think thats the word), and the traps have a distinct shape to them.. i got several small divisions from it, hopefully they can recover in this new large pot

some more traps in a pot with sphagnum growing in it... i probably won't divide these, as i got them partway through last season, and they were already divided... no pups or anything attached, so i will leave them for another season before i divide them

and my newest addition.. nepenthes plants, 3 of them
i haven't grown these before, so it's new to me, they look rather pretty already

i also have some drosera (sundews) , and some more VFT plants to split, so i might post about those tomorrow.

feel free to ask me any questions about caring for VFT's, drosera or sphagnum... i'm not experienced with nepenthes, but i can try to help with those too.
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Re: Kierans Carniverous log

Postby Pam » Fri Sep 18, 2015 6:06 am

Cool! :D
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