Mandarin problem

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Mandarin problem

Postby chelsworthgale » Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:23 am

Hi all,

First post, so I hope I have got the right spot for this!

My Mandarin tree has been having a few issues. It was transplanted from a half timber barrell pot into the ground in about May this year.

The ground is of a clay base and plenty of compost and good soil went into an enlarged hole during transplantation. The transplantation process did stress the tree out I have no doubt but the enlarged hole with good compost should have helped, it has been given regular fortnight seaweed treatments, plenty of iron suppliments to over come the clay soil (the leaves were going yellow with the green veins) and specific citrus fertiliser... it's pretty spoilt.

Anyway I have been having trouble with the leaves drying out and feeling brittle. They have been cupping skywards and some of the leaves are deforming by splitting and curling in wierd spots. Additionally I have attached a picture of another issue and that is where healthy leaves are getting these red spots on them. They aren't raised from the leaf surface as you can't feel them.

Any help?


red spots on mandarin leaf
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