NZ Swede (aka Butter Swede)

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NZ Swede (aka Butter Swede)

Postby Geoff Clifton » Mon Dec 31, 2012 11:55 am

I don't remember if I have ever mentioned these and tried to search but find that any combination of nz +swede gets 42 results for swede, I need a search lesson :D

NZ Swede (aka Butter Swede) is an above ground (well most of it) swollen base (as with beetroot) with brassica type foliage. It is much milder than normal swede, in fact it tastes nothing like them. They grow from (elongated) golf ball to grapefruit size. The young ones are more tender but they do not go woody even when at flower stage.

An ex Tassie friend gave me half a tsp of seed a few years back telling me he had been given them as a heritage seed and now knew of nobody who had them except those he had passed them onto and few of them kept seed. If anyone else grows them let us know.

Mate grew them over summer in Tas but in NSW that was a waste of time so I tried them as a winter crop and they did very well. I combined his method and my own. Sprinkle half a tsp of the fine seed direct onto a newspaper sized patch of prepared garden in full sun. Transplant a few small ones then once a week peel out and transplant a few more. As the 'seedlings' get bigger pull off all the big leaves when transplanting.

If anyone want's some seed from this year send an SAE (message me for address). I may still have some in the cupboard and 3 year old seed is still very viable.

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